Add Value To Your Home With Hardwood Floor Installation

Add Value To Your Home With Hardwood Floor Installation

With flooring being the focal point of every house and it helps to define the character of the house, it has a great bearing on the resale value of a house. Since property has always been considered to be a good form of investment, it always helps to look at the returns one would be likely to get in instance of a resale in the future.

Taking this into account it is imperative to ensure that things that become an inherent part of the house are qualitatively good, well-cared for and maintained. Flooring is one such option which is not only all pervading but also helps to bind the different rooms of the house thus ensuring continuity. The thumb rule of flooring is thus to install the best quality of option available irrespective of the price so that it is the most durable and resilient. Since such things also come at a higher price, the return on investment that is obtained even after several years of use, aptly justifies the cost.

Hardwood floors are an option which is generally on the top of the wish list of renters and buyers. Statistics have been known to indicate that people are even willing to pay extra in order to get a house with hardwood flooring. The more exotic the species of hardwood used, the better is the price that a renter or buyer is willing to pay.  This is because hardwood floors have several advantages like:

  • Durability: Hardwood floors are so durable that they can be passed down generations. This durability results from the way that they are manufactured by initially being kiln-dried to remove all traces of moisture and then they undergo a process which converts them into finished planks with increased strength and durability.
  • Longevity: The durability and strength of hardwood floors makes it a formidable type of home flooring which with just regular cleaning can be made to last for ages on end. In fact with age they tend to acquire a character of their own which increases their elegance and makes the room look invitingly warm and cozy.
  • Maintenance: These floors require very little regular maintenance. Hardwood floors tend to be cleaner and thus dust, dirt, grime and debris are not able to accumulate much on it. This makes cleaning hardwood floors easier. Regular sweeping or vacuuming clears the floors of all these and an annual routine of waxing and polishing keeps the floor looking as good as new for years on end.
  • Aesthetics: Hardwood floors are unparalled where aesthetics are concerned. No other flooring option is able to impart to a room the beauty, charm and elegance of a true hardwood floor. Consequently they not only add to the room décor, they define it by giving the room a character which is awesome in its classy stylishness.
  • Variety: There are a number of different types of hardwood trees available which yield wood for making hardwood floor planks. While some are ones which yield regular wood like the White Oak, Maple, Hickory, Pine etc., others like the Brazilian Cherry, the Mahogany, the Teak, the Cypress etc. yield wood which is exotic and striking. Each tree yields wood with its own distinctive grain structure which makes each plank of hardwood unique. In fact planks made from wood of the same tree also have different grain structure and thus it is rightly said that it is almost impossible to find two similar looking planks.
  • Improved air quality: With less accumulation of dust and dirt on the floor, hardwood floors are relatively cleaner than the other options like carpet. In fact allergens which have a tendency to cause allergies and breathing problems like pollen, animal dander, particulate matter etc., are just not allowed to accumulate thereby ensuring better air quality in the homes that they are installed in.
  • Refinishing: This is another hardwood characteristic which facilitates longevity of hardwood floors. Due to prolonged use, hardwood floors might acquire scratches, dents and dings. In order to remove this, hardwood floors can be easily sanded and refinished to acquire that new look once again. In other flooring options, replacement is the only way out of this problem.

With so many advantages available, it is but natural for the buyer to opt for and prefer a house with hardwood floors. Thus it is definitely true that houses with hardwood floors are an investment which is sure to give much higher returns on the money invested than houses with any other flooring option.

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