How to take full page screen capture.

full page screen capture

If you are looking to capture full web content full page screen capture on waterproof or PC, this is usually your best choice. I have tried some tools and strategies, these tools and techniques can ensure that the entire page can be intercepted, and in this composition process, they only have a variety of actual functions.

You need to quickly complete this task, so I will show you the best way to try little by little. Also, I will refer to the executors and drawbacks of each technology. In essence, I hope to save a lot of technology and confirm that the system is an excellent choice for you.

This guide is for individuals who wish to capture full or long web content in top screen-this means that there is no prominent area on your full page screen capture. If you want to capture static windows or entire workspace screens, this guide is not for you. You will quickly complete this task using your PC or mobile phone’s innate equipment: Shift + Command + press four when waterproof, or Ctrl + PrtScn on the PC.

Quick summary of full page screen capture:

If you don’t want to move any PC code or extensions, please try one or seventh methods.

Even If you are using the Mozilla Firefox program, please try two strategies.

If you want to capture screenshots and make apparent modifications, please adjust slightly on systems 3, 5, and 6.

1. Print and save the entire web page as PDF

Suppose you want to get rid of Yahoo Finance’s partner degree benefits and misfortune statement form. First, open the page on the Web program. Here, I will use Chrome as a partner degree model for waterproofing.

Stage 1: On the Chrome menu, click File> Print.

Phase 3: If you want to fix the cash table in the PowerPoint project, you will have the opportunity to first convert the PDF to a PNG or JPEG design image, and then primarily crop the image to merge the data in half.



There is no chance to move any external code.

The screen capture quality is good.


Likewise, it may take more time to convert a PDF document to an image.

It is inconvenient to modify the screenshot directly.

2. Firefox screenshot (for Firefox users)

Firefox screenshots may be another element created by the Mozilla team to help you obtain, download, collect, and provide screenshots. You will use this element to save screenshots of the entire website quickly.

Phase 1: Click the “Page Activity” menu in the location bar.

Stage 2: Select “Save the whole page” probability.

Phase 3: Now, you will support moving pictures to the PC workspace.

Side note: I see this component remains in BETA, so there is no reason Firefox can keep it. In any case, when the post was last refreshed, this element remained open. Despite this, outstanding broad applications such as Apple Mission or Google Chrome still cannot provide this element.

3. The chest is equal to the coat (Safari)

If you wish to view screenshots on Parka, you can call it a “screenshot page” in Parallels chest, which includes some gadgets.

Note: Parallels Chest is not programmed, but it provides a 7-day preliminary test without any common sense barriers.

Phase 1: Move the Parallels chest and introduce the application to the fur coat. Open it, and then confirm “Execute Screenshot> Screenshot Page”.

Stage 2: Click on the relevant “screenshot page”, and it will take you to another window asking for the Crusade to be highlighted. When making changes, you will see this symbol showing the latest information about your task schedule.

Phase 3: Select the page to be screenshotted and capture it on the Parallels screenshot symbol, then it will accurately browse the page and take a screenshot and save it as a PDF and record it in your workspace.


The nature of the output PDF record is surprising.

You don’t have to physically scroll based on the fact that the app can communicate for you.

In addition to taking screenshots of website pages, you can also capture segments or windows.


It requires some investment to be placed in the application.

This is not programming, and no preliminary explanation of the 7-day limit is given.

4. Awing full page screen capture plug-in (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

The great screenshot contains a module that can capture all or part of any site. Likewise, it allows you to change the screenshot: you will make comments, add instructions, obscure or obscure information, etc. This module is suitable for essential web programs as well as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Here is the connection containing the module:


Firefox (Note: Since Firefox screenshots are now available, I no longer advocate this module. For more information, see step 2.)


I have tried this module on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and their functions are excellent. For simplicity, I will use Google Chrome as the partner model. Firefox’s screenshots and tasks are very comparable.

Phase 1: Open the connection above Chrome and click “Add to CHROME”.

Stage 3: After the expansion symbol is displayed as the latest Chrome bar, click on the bar and select “Capture Entire Page”.

Phase 4: Within a few seconds, the site will look down accurately. You can open an original page (see below), which indicates that you have a screenshot of the buddies that make up the board. The panel allows you to trim, add annotations, add visual effects, etc., such as “Done” after completion.

Stage 5: Click on the “download” symbol to save a bunch of screenshots. Now it’s right!

master’s degree:

Straightforward use.

Good selection of pictures.

It is suitable for essential Web programs.


According to its designers, the expansion may encounter some operational problems. In any case, I have no veterans.

5. Use Snagit to capture scrolling windows or entire pages

I like Snagit (survey). This is a reliable screen capture and some compositing application that allows you to perform certain things almost related to screenshots. To request full-screen Capture of online pages, please follow the method below (I will use Snagit for Windows as a partner model):

If you don’t mind: Snagit is not a programmer, but a 15-day free trial period.

Phase 1: Obtain Snagit and introduce it to your PC or jacket. Open the most captured window. Under “Pictures”> “Decisions”, make sure you select “Look at the top of the window”. Hit the red Capture to continue.

Phase 2: Find the online page you want to take a screenshot of, and then move the pointer to its space. Currently, Snagit has been developed, and you will see three yellow bolt fixing devices moving. The absolute bottom bolt indicates “Catch Vertical Scrolling space”, the appropriate bolt indicates “Catch Horizontal Scrolling space”, and the bottom right bolt means “Catch the entire scrolling space”. I clicked the probability of “capture vertical scroll area”.

Phase 3: So far, Snagit browses the page precisely and captures the off-screen part. Soon after, a Snagit Editor board window could show the screenshot it took. See there are some alternatives documented there? This is why Snagit stands out from the crowd: you will make a few changes according to your wishes and make many decisions.


Also, it can be used as a window to attract people to browse web pages.

Amazing composition options.

Intuitive and easy to use.


Migrating and introducing the application (about 90MB) requires some investment.

It is not free but comes with a 15-day preliminary trial.

  • 6. Capto App (only for coats) full page screen capture

For some overcoat customers, Capto may be a profitability application. I have a deep understanding of this. The app’s core value is to record screen video on your waterproof case; anyway, it can also capture screenshots and save photos to its gallery. At that time, you will change, coordinate and provide them.

Note: Like Snagit, Capto does not program, it will provide the energy you will consume.

This is how to abuse Capto by taking the entire screen capture:

Stage 1: Open the application and click on the “Internet” symbol on the most special menu. There, you will support capturing the PC address of the website page from all angles. For example, if you are on the page now, click “Capture Active Browser URL.”

Phase 2: You will also make further changes to the screenshots, such as setting up a segment, adding partner bolts or text, etc. to abuse the equipment on the left panel.

Stage 3: Capto can now separate the page parts and save the image to its library. At this point, you select “File”> “Export” to save it locally.

Note: If you choose to let Capto capture online pages from a dynamic program, it may be slow to do so when a website page with all content may appear.

Alternative way to full page screen capture

During the investigation, I also discovered some unique ways of working. I don’t want to include them, because considering the time and effort you might wish to and the nature of the benefits, they are unacceptable. All in all, they are working hard so that they can freely monitor their various efforts.

7. Capture huge screenshots on Chrome without browser extension

All our users Hans Kuijpers sympathetically shared this technique.

Open DevTools in Chrome (OPTION + CMD + I)

Open the command menu (CMD + SHIFT + P), and then sort in “Screen Capture”

Choose one of the two decisions “Capture full-size screen capture” in “Capture screen capture”.

The captured picture will be downloaded to your PC.

8. Web-Capture.Net full page screen capture

This is a full-length screen capture management of a Web site. You first open the site, copy the PC address of the online page you want to take a screenshot, and paste it here (see below). You will also select the document to arrange the transaction. Press “Enter” on the console to continue.

Show restraint. It took me about 2 minutes to reach the US state, and then I saw the message “Your connection has been processed! You will not transfer files or any chronicles”. Now you will move the screenshot.


it works.

No chance to introduce any code.


So, there are a lot of ads on the site.

Even if Screen capture technology is moderate.

Picture without composition selection.

9. Page full page screen capture (Chrome extension)

Even if Just like awing screenshots, page screenshots may be an unrealistic Chrome module. Essentially introduce it in the Chrome program (this is a connection to the extension page), find the online page you want to capture and click the extension symbol. Screen capture is almost framed. Nevertheless, I think it is not that attractive because it does not have the compositional options that screenshots can provide.

10. Paparazzi (Mac only) full page screen capture

Update: So, this application has not been updated for a while, and the freshest macOS may also have similarities. Also, Therefore, I no longer advocate it.

Paparazzi! It can be a waterproof shell utility program planned and created by Nate Weaver to take screenshots of website pages. This is very instinctive. Essentially it is to reorder the links of the website pages, draw the picture size or delay the time. Also, the application can return the results for you. As long as this is done, click on the exchange symbol and select the lower right corner position to make a screenshot transaction.

Even if I even worry that the application was last refreshed a long time ago, so I am unsure if the application is feasible in future macOS adaptations.

So, These require screenshots of the entire page or the whole page in different ways. As I mentioned earlier in the field of fast frameworks, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to choose the plan that best meets your needs. Even if I will leave it to you to choose the one you want to use. As always, even if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to undo the comments below.

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