Car Mobile Charger – A Brief Overview

Car Mobile Charger - A Brief Overview

In today’s fast-paced life, all of us are progressively becoming leaned on mobile phones as these multifunctional gadgets have become an integral part of our lives by offering help in almost all of our day to day tasks.

The ever-changing and fast developing business world demands us to be available as and when required and that necessitates the use of phones all through the day. It is hence pretty important to have a car mobile charger in our cars when we are traveling.

When such an inevitable part of our lives goes off to sleep, the situation becomes alarming.

The battery of a cell phone may run out of charge anywhere anytime, even when we are traveling. Hence, it is wise to keep handy, a car mobile charger which allows the users to provide power to the mobile phone battery when we are on the go.

Car mobile charger  – An essential savior

Car mobile charger is a smooth attachment fastened to the electronic point of the car. These chargers have a USB cable which allows the phone to get recharged in a short while. In general, the car mobile charger is closely packed and has multiple charging pins which help to charge more than one device simultaneously and thus, saves time.

It is very important for those individuals who have to travel a lot. This may be used by connecting it with the charging port present in the car. It may also be called a USB car charger as the end of the charger has multiple USB ports.

The Advantages of a car mobile charger

Considering its relevance in today’s fast life, the car mobile charger has certain distinct advantages which have gradually made it inevitable in our lives.

  1. Get rid of the discontent of dropped calls: As we are not supposed to talk while driving, the ideal time to charge up your phone’s battery is whenever you are traveling. The regular usage of a car mobile charger will get you into the habit of getting your phone charged whenever you are on the road. This also ensures that the battery does not run out during the day. As a result, the chances of dropped calls are minimized and there is no embarrassment caused by a phone’s dead battery.
  2. Multiple gadget-friendly: USB technology allows users to simultaneously access or charge more than one device by using only one car mobile charger. By purchasing a charger with multiple ports, one can save extra time by charging more than one device at the same time.
  3. Portability: A car mobile charger is portable and can fit in any car. So one does not need to go looking for a specific type of charger which is suitable for only a particular type of car.
  4. Pocket–friendly: They are not costly and are obviously affordable for all car owners.
  5. Availability: Car mobile chargers are easily and conveniently available in almost all local stores.

Thus, pretty much indispensable in today’s context, these USB chargers are of much help for those who lead a very busy and fast life. But at the same time, they are not devoid of certain limitations as well. The following disadvantages of a car mobile charger cannot be disregarded.

The Limitations of a car mobile charger:

The truth is that other brand chargers may be used for the phone as after the invention of micro USB, the problem of different types of charging ports for different phones are resolved.  Yet, a deeper insight would provide us with the following problems that might occur while using a car mobile charger.

1) Slow charging: As soon as you plug in the charger, the charging icon appears on the screen but a closer look would reveal the fact that the phone gets charged at a very slow rate. It takes almost 40% excess time of what it should actually take to get the device fully charged.

2) Heating up of the device: At times, it may so happen that the device gets heated up gradually as you keep charging it. This is quite alarming because the battery gets prone to damage with such increased temperature.

3) Poor AC to DC conversion: Car mobile charger may not be efficiently able to convert Alternate current to Direct current and hence the touch screen gets largely affected. When you put the phone on charge, the screen may appear to be moving or trembling even if no one touches it. Once again, this might prove to be fatal for your device.

4) Fluctuations in output: Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to operate the phone while it is getting charged. A simple action of a single letter typing may give the outcome of multiple letters or the same letter may be repeated more than once. It happens that a typed letter takes more than normal time to appear on the screen, that is, the phone works slower than normal.

It cannot be said, however, that a car mobile charger is better than a power bank because they are useful as long as the car is running. Once the user gets out of the car, the charger is of no use. So you should consider a car mobile charger to be a good option for portable charging method for traveling purposes in your car.

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