How can benefit selling backlinks?

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There a lot of people who are looking for the opportunities to earn money on the Internet. One highly demanded service you can be engaged in is backlinks selling. Many online merchants are ready to pay big money to post links. You do not need to have your website, or retail some products or services. Furthermore, you do not have to do any real work.

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Everything you need just copies pasting a required content with a correct URL into various social media accounts, blogs, forums and other public sources. However, Linkdeploy sounds too good to be true. Backlinks selling is not the affair you need to get involved in. Of course, you can raise money on selling backlinks. However, there is more than one reason why it is not worth your time and efforts.

Who can pay you for link posting?

The biggest amount of online businesses tend to rank high in search results and get a constant flow of organic (search) traffic to their web pages. Better rank means more customers, and subsequently, more customers mean high brand authority, conversion, and revenue. The perfect way to get gain high rank on SERP is by getting links to your website.

These backlinks serve as votes of other people and show search engines that your site is reliable, trustworthy and authoritative. Through these signals search engines build their opinion about your site quality and start ranking your site higher on SERP. Several years ago, online merchants figured out that they could just purchase these “votes” for their domains to improve their rankings and raise brand awareness.

Recently, it was an effective technique to get link juice, but now it does not work anymore. Google has changed its ranking algorithm and created a Penguin filter that finds and penalizes websites that engage in such activities as backlink purchasing. There are some website owners who still interested in link posting, but in our days this industry is regarded as dead.

Search engines invest millions in preventing people from implementing unnatural fraudulent link building practices. Google, for instance, shows that paid links do not determine website authority and cannot influence a domain Page Rank.

Moreover, modern search engine filters become more intelligent and can detect which websites are engaged in link purchasing. It means that Google will reflect you and penalize you for paid links by lowering your ranking position. By purchasing link juice, you may devastate all your search engine optimization efforts.

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Nowadays, companies that have a smart approach to their online promotion are not buying backlinks as they know how risky it may be for their online business. However, it is worth to say that some not very savvy businesses still try to break the rules and trick Google by purchasing not organic link juice to their websites.

You’ve probably heard that getting backlinks to your website is important for your SEO, but you may not know why. Backlinks are important for SEO because search engines consider them as important signals of your website’s relevance. If a website has a lot of backlinks from other relevant websites, it means the site is popular and of good quality. That’s why many people sell online backlinks.

If you are new to this field and searching for How to sell backlinks, this article is for you. Here we will share the details about how you can sell backlinks using different platforms.

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