How to Find the Right Professional Essay Writing Service

There are a number of factors driving students to purchase essays and papers online. But what do you do, when there are literally hundreds of companies out there? Each one of these sites is claiming to provide A-grade papers and making other tall claims about their services. Being someone who’s had an extensive experience working with a few professional writing services out there, I can tell you it’s no easy task.

But, if you’ve found the right company then getting a top paper from them could be as simple as handing them a topic and requesting the agent, “Could you write essay for me by such and such time?” That doesn’t sound too difficult, so where’s the hard part? Well, there isn’t! Once you’ve selected the right service, all you need to do is give a deadline, a few basic instructions on what your paper needs, placing the request, and going to the payment page. A good writing service would have already hired top-notch, experienced academic writers for whom writing your college paper is a no-brainer!

There are a few things you need to consider before you place the order for your paper. This would essentially narrow down your search from the hundreds of services out there, and help you choose the service that works best for you.

Is the website secure and trustworthy?

A site that claims to provide you reliable cheap essay writing needs significant investment to not only pay the professionals they’ve hired but to provide you with a safe, trusted and secure platform where you could make your payments. Look for a trust seal. The trust seal isn’t just a logo. It should link back to the authenticating agency’s website, which should list that site’s name on their page. Remember to check the website’s SSL certification and review its privacy policy. Be wary of sites with suspicious pop-ups, unusual links or SEO spam.

Check the website’s overall design and quality measures. A genuine website pays a lot of attention to its quality and usability. Study ‘about us’ page and the achievements and history of the company. Poor English, spelling mistakes or a poorly designed website suggests that it’s run by amateurs.

Have you checked their reviews online?

Checking the reputation of any website before entering into business with it is crucial. Fortunately, there are a number of websites offering reviews such as TrustPilot. Go through the experiences people have had working with the site. Sites with predominantly positive reviews are likely to be safe. Look for honest reviews which do not sound biased or promotional in nature.

Are they offering unlimited revisions before a certain time period?

When you’re searching for the right website, you also need to know whether they’ll allow you to make any changes to the paper you receive. I’ve seen even the best of papers need a bit of tweaking and revising to make sure it is following all the requirements. Be careful of sites that are being ambiguous or hesitant to provide revisions. Cheap essay writing sites and scammers worry only about getting your money into their pockets, being the least concerned about the quality of the paper they’re producing for you.  Make sure to get a plagiarism report for the paper from trusted plagiarism checkers like Copyscape. Place a revision, or money back request if the paper is plagiarized.  

Have you discussed your paper with their online agents?

Before placing your order, you should carry out a detailed discussion with the site’s online support agents. Discuss your paper with them, see whether they know what they’re talking about or not. Try calling them to see if it really sounds like a native English speaker who seems to have a good know-how of your requirements before trusting them with your money.  While the online support agents aren’t tasked to write the paper themselves, experienced ones will have a fairly good idea of what you need, and will place your order with the right writer.

Have you checked the prices and their sample papers?

Let’s face it, the essay writing market is intensely saturated with each company fighting hard to maintain or expand their customer base. Some of them may be offering ridiculously low prices for a paper that needs a good amount of research. Don’t fall for the cheapest option unless you’re willing to compromise on quality. When you visit the writing service’s site, read through their sample papers. Ask their online support for more samples until you’re satisfied that they are capable of handling your paper.

Remember, professional essay writing doesn’t come cheap. The professionals and academics that write papers for top companies charge a hefty amount for their work. The right service, however, is going to take a load of work off your back and pay off at the end.

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