How to Dress Up for Work? Here are Some Tips to Follow

How to Dress Up for Work? Here are Some Tips to Follow

Choosing what to wear to work first thing in the morning when you wake up is indeed a challenging task. Some mornings swing by smoothly while some would literally make you want to scream on top of your lungs. What to Wear is a dilemma and a constant one for sure.
It is said the first impression is the last impression and rightly so.

How you look does matter in professional life. Guys, believe me when I say so. The first impression is the last impression, and that’s true for dressing up at work. It casts an everlasting impact on your colleagues and bosses. So if it’s your 100th day at the office, we expect you to kill it off with your looks. In fact, it’s been quoted as saying, “we like beautifully-fitting shirts and suits.” – spokesperson for Edit Suits Co.

A right attire speaks volume but it must be coupled with the right kind of attitude. You must know what clothing works in your office environment to dress accordingly; something which is simple yet chic, modern, and edgy.

The rules of appearance are pretty tough in a modern workplace as appearances automatically translate to work performance. We have curated for you some tips to help you climb the social ladder and boost your confidence right away.

Be Yourself

Trust us when we say conformity does not matter. All you have to do is dress the way you want, keeping in mind certain parameters (etiquettes and work ethics), without compromising your individuality. Your dress should be modest and office-appropriate; short skirts or plunging necklines are a big NO. The office is the last place you would want to do runway experiments.
Remember that your overall look should exude extreme class and professionalism.

Hoard on to the Staples
Staples go a long way! Start practicing quality over quantity and your mornings will definitely become easier. For instance, find yourself a nice black blazer or a white blouse and you will have a lot of room to play with them using varying accessories. You can add in some color by going for colored heels or a bold lipstick.

Keep it Fashionably Covered
Make sure the clothing you choose does not have any high slits and is of appropriate length. It isn’t acceptable in an office to opt for clothing which tends to expose too much skin or makes you look too sexy. 

Jumpsuits, for example, are not provocative cover you nicely from head to toe. They must not be creating an inappropriate impression of you at the workplace. The key is to stay away from patterns and instead go for neutral tones and spice it up with statement jewelry pieces to add some color. Strictly avoid spaghetti straps and pieces with sheer fabric.

Don’t Go Overboard
Always remember that less is more! Make sure to keep your makeup at minimal if you are going for a bold lip color. Similarly, if it is a colored blouse you are wearing, then a black or white blazer would do justice. Moderation and style go hand in hand, ladies!
Too much happening in your attire will simply take away the spark. Elegance and grace should be the topmost priority when you are dressing up for work.

Get to Know Your Office
Every office has a different environment, therefore, different rules for dress attire. Sometimes dressing is also based on an everyday routine of the employees. For example, you will be required to come dressed in a business formal if your work involves meetings with the executives. In such a setting, a crisp business suit in a conservative color such as navy blue or brown would work fine. Other times, you’ll be allowed to come in an appropriate casual clothing attire.

Do not forget minor details such as nails. They should be well-manicured, clipped, and topped with beige-coated nail paint or be left clear.

Be Wise With the Colors
Darker colors cast a stronger impression as compared to the lighter ones. Now you got to crack the code! Speaking of this, never go for neon shades and be sure to avoid sequins or clothing which is too flashy. It just does not sit well and gives back a really bad impression.

An additional pro tip is that if you are to give a presentation at your office, ensure that the color of your clothes does not clash with the background. It will not blend in well and would literally be a visual mess.

How to Dress Up for Work? Here are Some Tips to Follow

Enhance and Do Not Pretend
Drill it in your mind that the purpose of wearing jewelry is to enhance your overall look without making it too blingy. Nothing extravagant should be done so avoid wearing dangling bangles as the rattling sound they produce is just so very distracting. Make sure the accessories, be it a jewelry piece or the bag compliments your look.

Make Sure It Fits
Be sure to ask yourself the question “does it fit” whenever you wear something. A clothing piece, too tight or too lose are both a big time no.
It is important that the piece you opt for is well-tailored in terms of fitting and silhouette. Similarly, it should not be too short or way too long. Your dress must strike and maintain that balance to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Say No To Open-Toed Shoes
There is something about open-toed shoes which is a bit off in a professional setting. You can wear it anywhere else, perhaps to a beach party or a weekend for casual meet-ups, but clearly not at the office.
And if you are still adamant to wear it to your office, then make it a point to have your feet regularly groomed to rock the style. However, we strongly recommend sticking to closed toed shoes. Your office is one place where you should just play safe!

To sum it up, put your best foot forward and pay attention to the aesthetics.
Do you have any other additional tips to quote or an experience to share? We are all ears for it. May the force of fashion be with you!

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