How to choose an engagement ring?

How to choose an engagement ring?

The different styles of engagement rings

The solitary

A favorite of engagement rings, the solitaire comes in the form of a single diamond mounted on the ring of precious metal. Simple, elegant, timeless, it has the advantage of putting the jewel in the center of attention and adapts to all hands.

The lonely accompanied

This more elaborate ring has, as its name suggests, the main stone surrounded by a diamond paving of smaller size. The accompanied solitaire offers a refined and particularly distinguished rendering.

The trio rings

This type of ring is set with three stones symbolizing the past, the present and the future buy trio rings It may be a central diamond surrounded by colored stones, a colored stone surrounded by diamonds, or three identical stones/diamonds. The trilogy has a romantic look full of poetry and delicacy.

Which stone to choose for the engagement ring?

The diamond

It is the jewel par excellence used for engagement rings. King of precious stones, the most coveted gem for millennia, and the diamond symbolize love, eternity, the purity of being and feelings. It is usually colorless but can also sometimes be declined in other shades. This is a classic whose fires (sparkling diamond) appeal to all women.


More contemporary and particularly trendy lately, sapphire is a gemstone that appears more and more on engagement rings. Alone or accompanied by diamonds, this gem with different shades of blue symbolizes sincerity, commitment, purity of heart, trust and fidelity. It is a stone that is perfect for a marriage proposal!

The other stones

In addition to sapphire, other precious stones such as emerald or ruby are very popular for an engagement ring. They appear more original and sometimes better adapted to the personality of Madame when she wants out of the usual classics.

A gold engagement ring, yes, but what color?

For an engagement ring, it is unquestionably 18-carat gold that predominates. For its beauty but also and especially for its resistance to wear and time. Indeed, we are talking here about a jewel strong enough to be worn every day, for a lifetime!

Yellow gold

The most classic, it likes for its hot and luminous hue. The yellow gold brings out the white brilliance of the diamond but does not necessarily marry with all the colors of stones. It is generally better for tanned skin than for light skin tones.

White gold

This elegant, timeless and simple metal comes out great favorite for engagement rings. It has the advantage of easily associating with all the shades of stones and all types of skin.

Rose gold

More original than the other two rose gold has seen its popularity increase in recent years. Its romantic and sweet color is probably for something. It is a metal that will go especially with a diamond or stones with warm tones.

The choice of gold for the engagement ring will mostly depend on the tastes of Madame and the type of metal in which are fashioned jewelry in his collection.

If it is mostly silver (white gold or platinum) creations, it is best to opt for white gold. If, on the contrary, walleye seems to be its favorite, turn to yellow gold or pink gold.

The budget

“When we love, we do not count. “… A beautiful sentence certainly, but let’s be realistic, everyone does not have the same means, and this has nothing to do with the love that Monsieur brings to his future fiancée!

So yes, it is important to set a budget before you start looking for engagement rings because the choice is incredibly vast and prices can easily fly away. Setting a basic budget will also allow a first skimming to direct you to a type of model corresponding to the points mentioned above.

The price will obviously depend on the metal, the type and number of stones, their volume, but also the jeweler or jeweler you use.

If your budget is limited, think of getting closer to a jeweler who offers payment in several times. You may be able to consider spending a bit more for a better ring. This jewel, remember, is intended to be worn a lifetime.

Some additional tips

Although you want to make a good impression, do not forget to think about the tastes, the personality and the morphology of the person to whom you make your request. A large pebble is impressive but will not necessarily appeal to a discreet woman, a pile of colored stones may not be to the taste of those who love the clean parts, or a ring too large will tend to “crush” fingers too thin or too small.

Finally, keep in mind that the engagement ring must especially please the wearer, it is ultimately essential here.

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