Summer Riding Jacket Buyers Guide

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When the weather’s right, many motorcycle riders can’t wait to get on the road. It’s important to make sure you’ve got the right gear before gassing up.

As far as motorcycle protective clothing goes, one of the most versatile and stylish items is the jacket. Here are a few things to consider to make sure you’ve got safety and fashion in mind.


There are two main types of material that bikers should look into when picking out their motorcycle riding gear: Textile and Leather. Textile coats perform much better in the rain and are definitely the more versatile option when it comes to fit and options.

Some riders will swear that the only true jackets are made of leather. The classic material, these coats offer perfect protection against road rash. In addition, they tend to have a sleeker, more stylish look that retains its durability for a long while.


The look of a jacket can have more to do with safety than style, offering a plethora of options to the wearer depending on the type. They tend to fall into different riding categories, and as such, you should pick one that fits the way you handle your bike.

  • Traditional Cruiser: The iconic jacket, these are usually leather and provide excellent durability and protection. An excellent choice for on the road or in the shop replacing motorcycle OEM parts.

  • Casual Street and Sport: These jackets have the look of a cruiser, but because they’re often made of textiles they have a more casual look to them with more padding, too.
  • Racing: Designed specifically for the track, these coats are more form-fitting and offer much more armor. They often allow for pants to be directly attached as well.
  • Off-Roading/Motocross: Similar to racing jackets, these coats are form fitting but are made for trail running. With padding and a host of zippers and pockets, they’re a good choice for backwoods adventures.

When choosing your motorcycle jacket, make sure you pick one that you’ll enjoy wearing. Shopping online is an excellent way to get great deals on the style you’re really after!

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