Best Online Piano Lessons in 2019

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If you want to improve your piano skills or you just found this urge to learn to play piano, you can do it sitting at your home, all you need is a lot of dedication, discipline, a good internet connection and access to best online lessons.

We have dug up the internet to finds some amazing online lessons and learning tools for your piano craving. Some of the courses are specially designed to simplify digital piano for beginners.

1. Playground Session:

One of the best online software and tool to learn digital Piano for beginners, it has three levels beginner, intermediate and experts, lessons are designed accordingly.

What makes this software standout is it teaches piano by letting you learn to play your favorite songs.

I especially appreciate the learning aspect, unlike some other apps, it is not a game instead it is focused on improving your piano learning skill in a fun and interactive way. Additionally, the software keeps track of your progress through the scoring system

2. FlowKey:

Flowkey is the best piano learning app in our humble opinion, the only reason it is on the second position is the software is a little behind then the Playground session software, but the ease of use outshines it, the app is instantly available on your phone or tablet.

Download the app for free on Google Play or iTunes App store, sing up for free and that it, you can start learning right away. The app will provide guidance for playing the digital piano for beginners.

Along with the above features, lessons are quite interactive and teaches you through songs. Therefore, instead of starting with learning the names of keys and notes you start with playing and learn the music theory, notes, and chords as you practice.

3. ArtistWorks:

The lessons at the ArtistWorks, are closest to the real-life lessons. It is one of the most popular online courses because of the individualized touch in their lessons. Even though there’s no scoring system but the website keeps track of your progress.

This app is more like a socializing platform for the pianist, you can post your videos to receive comment and feedback from other students, and you can also watch their videos, it is called video exchange learning. It will especially benefit those seeking to master digital piano for beginners.

4. Piano For All:

The website Piano for All offers comprehensive piano learning. The learning material includes eBooks, video lessons, audio lessons and they can be viewed on PC, Mac, and iPhone.

Even though the technology is not advanced, the lessons are really helpful and basic, and there are hundreds of testimonials of people who successfully used it to become better at the piano.


This website offers courses aimed at beginners, the lessons are detailed and systematic. Starting from the sitting postures, introduction to the piano keys, chords and reading notes they go up to helping you play your favorite songs.

Courses are short and goal oriented so you can easily climb the level up if you follow the instructions and understand the music theory.

6. Udemy:

Udemy is a one-stop solution website for learning piano, it offers a variety of courses focused on the different levels of expertise. Including courses designed for students who want to learn to play different music genres, including jazz, rock, blues, and pop.

The lessons are a combination of practical exercises and music theory and will help improve students’ classical piano techniques, learning notes, rhythm, and reading sheet music.

A large library of video lessons is also available on the website to assist playing digital piano for beginners.

7. Piano Keyz:

The website Piano Keyz offers a huge online video library, it includes detailed classical piano lessons for beginners. The students receive 5 new lessons every week to practice songs, the lessons also include tips and tricks on reading the sheet music and improving techniques.

Every lesson is followed by exercises to keep an eye on improvement, additionally, students can request lessons focusing on the skills where the student is lacking.

8. Piano in 21 Days:

The website Piano in 21 days is a crash course for beginners. This the fastest online piano course, and, the aim is to empower students with enough knowledge, to be able to play your favorite songs in less than a month.

The lessons are quite interactive, the idea was to renovate the old piano teaching methods, so they become more student centric. These lectures will help you play immediately; the instructions are easy to understand and includes only relevant aspects of music theory.

9. Learn Piano in Thirty Days:

If you want to start playing your favorite songs right away, then lessons on this website are designed for you.

The lessons are more practice-oriented, they use teaching classical piano by ear approach, which reduces the learning period by one tenth. Also, the lessons include instructional guides for sight reading, sitting postures and hand positions.

With these comprehensive lessons you will be able to master songs in a few weeks by using your natural human instinct, and by the end of thirty days, you will be able to play the piano. The lessons will benefit the pianist seeking to learn digital piano for beginners.


The piano learning courses at are a combination of music theory and practical learning. The idea behind the teaching is learn by doing and not just by listening to lectures.

In addition to the online lessons, you can make use of the “Coaching with Willie” program, where students can schedule one on one classes with the willie on skype.

There are more than 500 lessons on the website, catering to the various levels of piano expertise. They become available to you instantly when you become a member.

Another feature of this website is it links to other micro-websites dedicated to various levels of expertise, and you can download lessons from these websites too. There are many students’ reviews on the website too.

The lessons start from the basics such as correct sitting postures and finger positioning on a Piano and go up to teaching you reading and playing sheet music.

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