How to Play UNO Cards? Step by Step [ With Pictures ]

how to play uno

Let’s face it, family get-togethers are too boring to spend your whole evening. Especially when you don’t find a single member of your age! You can’t even step out to enjoy your time. So staying in the party with an awkward smile is the only option you have!

Well, why don’t you try making the party interesting? A deck of UNO cards can change the mood of your evening. You can make the bond stronger between all members with this amazing gameplay. Know how to play UNO cards here and grab a pack now. Say no to all those boring talks or discussions, and have some fun.

How To Play UNO Cards?- Simple Tricks You Must Know!

Here you go!

Rules of playing UNO

A pack of UNO cards contains 108 cards as a whole. You need 2-10 members of 7+ age to start with the gameplay. The cards should be dealt with among the players, and each one must get 7 cards.

The game is all about matching a single card with another from the 7 cards on your hand. The first player to get rid of all the cards is going to win the round. Furthermore, you should tally the scores after each round. The game will continue until one person from your team scores 500.

Once you become a pro, you can switch things up and try variations. However, let’s jump to the gameplay now.

How to play UNO?

Shuffle the cards

Shuffle the cards
Shuffle the Cards

First, shuffle all 108 cards and deal 7 cards to each participant. Ask everybody to put the face of their cards down.

Keep the rest of the cards aside

Keep The Rest Of The Cards Aside
Keep The Rest Of The Cards Aside

Once you have dealt the cards, keep the rest of them on the center table. Keep the face down and leave it as a stack. Now, these cards will work as a draw pile from which the players will pull out one-by-one during the card game.

Turn over the top card from the pile

Turn Over the Top Card from the Pile
Turn Over the Top Card from the Pile

After that, you have to turn over the top card of that draw pile. Place it near the stack of cards and leave it facing up. This will start the game, and the card will be considered as a discard pile.

Match color, number or the symbol of the cards

Match Colour, Number or the Symbol of the Cards
Match Color, Number or the Symbol of the Cards

Now the players will start showing the cards, starting from the one left side of the dealer. If the card matches it’s color, word, number or the symbol with the one card laying face up on your table, then the player will get points.

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Now the player must put their card on the top of that discard pile. It’s the time for the next player to pull out a card.

For example, if the top card is red and the number is 6, then you have to show a card with number 8 or colored red to match with the previous one.

You have to play the game by going clockwise from the side of the dealer as per the rules.

Draw a card from the pile in case of the unplayable card

Draw A Card from the Pile in Case of the Unplayable Card
Draw A Card from the Pile in Case of the Unplayable Card

If you don’t have any card that can match the card laying face up on the table, then you must draw another card from the pile. Now add with your rest of the cards. You can play with it immediately if it’s color, symbol or number matches with the card laying on the table.

In case you can’t play the card that you have just drawn, next player with a start his/her part of KRA.

The wild card is the jackpot

Wild Card Is the Jackpot
Wild Card Is the Jackpot

You need to pay special attention to wild cards. 3 types of action cards come with the pack of UNO cards. When you have a wild card, and you choose to play it, next, you can select the color for the next session. In case you put down a Draw 2 card, the player next to you will have to take 2 cards, and his/her turn will be over.

  • For Reverse, the direction of the game will turn completely. The player before you will get a chance to have another round.
  • Identify a Reverse card with two arrows placed in the opposite direction
  • A skip card will contain a circle with a slash through it

Scream “UNO!!!” When you are left with only one card

Left with Only One Card
Left with Only One Card

When you are about to win, you will be left with a single card. In this situation, you need to say “UNO!!!” If you don’t, you will be penalized. When there is a win-win situation, the first player to get rid of all the cards will take the game away.

When someone forgets to say “UNO”, you must hand him/her 2 cards for penalization.

Play the last card to win the round

Last Card to Win the Round
Last Card to Win the Round

Once you come down to one card and already said “UNO”, keep waiting until your turn comes for the next time. Play your last card before anyone goes out and be the winner of the round!

Tally the points

Tally the Points
Tally the Points

When the winner comes out, close the round and tally the points for each of the players. The way of deciding score is- the winner gets the point equal to the total sum of the remaining card numbers in other players hand. Until a player score 500, the game continues.

  • If you have Draw 2, Reverse or a Skip card, you will get 20 points for each
  • For the Wild or Wild Draw 4 cards, 50 points are allotted
  • A card will give you point as per the number on it
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Now you know the process of playing UNO. It’s time to have a quick look at the variations you can have. Different gameplays add some extra spice to your evening.

Simple Variations of UNO

Play double cards

Play Double Cards
Play Double Cards

If you want to accelerate your game, play double cards to end the game faster. For example, suppose a red card with number 5 is there on the table. So you can put down a red card with any number plus a card with number 5 and a different color.

Customize the wild cards

Customize the Wild Cards
Customize the Wild Cards

If you buy a new deck of UNO cards, you will see there are 3 cards that you can customize as per your wish. Make your own set of rules and jot it down in those wild cards. The rules can e anything like,

  • Next player will sing a song and skip the turn
  • Every player will draw 2 cards
  • A player needs to swap 1 card with the next player

Swap hands with another player

Swap Hands with Another Player
Swap Hands with Another Player

The latest UNO deck includes this card. You have to play it as a wild card. Swap your cards with another player who wants to and make it more interesting.

How to Play UNO With Regular Playing Cards?

This can be really fun when you use normal cards to play UNO. Spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds- these are the cards that you will use. Number 2-9 cards act similar to UNO cards except 1 and 0. You can use the suit cards as the action card. Let’s know then.

Step 1: Jack


Jack cards act as the UNO skip or reverse cards. When you get a Jack card, ask the next player to skip that round. In case of the reverse card, you have to ask the former player to have another turn.

Step 2: Queen


Queen cards are considered as the draw 2 cards. When you get this, you have to ask your next person to draw 2 cards from the suit.

Step 3: King


You can use the King card to change the mode of gameplay completely. You can change the suit by playing this card anytime.

Step 4: Ace


This card is similar to Draw 4 UNO cards. The Ace card can change your suit instantly.

Wrap up

You got a clear idea regarding playing UNO cards. Now it’s time to keep all the rules in mind and start the gameplay! Share your experience below in the comment box.

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