Hair Removal At Home: Life-Changing Tips

Hair Removal At Home: Life-Changing Tips

Plagued with unwanted hair on your body? Well, we have all been there at some point. Thankfully, now you do not have to ensure them for too long since there are many ways in which you can successfully remove unwanted hair on your body at home!

Depending on how adventurous you want to be you can even try IPL machines, and Laser Kits to permanently remove unwanted hair from your body at home. More commonly, however, people opt for shaving, waxing, or try their hands at some natural remedies.

When you Google “body hair removal at home” you will be bombarded with several methods that you can use, however, not all of these methods will be suitable for your skin type or even the nature of your body hair. Some people may have hair that is too dense for some kinds of treatment. Hence, before you try out any procedure, it is essential to read up on whether they are suited to your skin type. With sensitive skin types, most procedures can prove to be too harsh, but you may be able to find some gentle alternatives.

What You Need To Know When Removing Unwanted Hair At Home:

Removing body hair at home can seem like a daunting task, especially if it is your first time doing it. The task is a little complicated, and you can mess up easily. This is why we had curated a list of tips to help you out when you decided to remove your unwanted body hair at home!

Depending on the option that you want to opt for, the tips will be generally different. However, one tip which applies to all types of methods is to research them thoroughly. Researching each method will help you gain more knowledge on what you should or should not do when you are opting for that home remedy. Additionally, before taking the plunge, you should test out each method on a small patch of skin to make sure your skin does not react badly to it.

For Natural Home Remedies:

  • While many may think that this is taking the easy way out since these should not hurt as much as waxing, they would be wrong. Specific home remedies can be painful, but performing them frequently will help in gradually reducing the pain.
  • Natural home remedies can take a lot longer than any other at-home hair removal method and hence, you should be patient when performing these procedures at home. Consistency is key when it comes to natural home remedies, to ensure that you are performing the procedure frequently to see the results that you want.

For Shaving At Home: This is the most preferred method for at home hair removal since it is cheap, convenient and relatively painless. However, one must be careful when they are shaving their body hair since they can accidentally cut themselves.

  • Disposable razors are the best option; although they might b expensive in the long run, they are much more hygienic. Whenever you shave, no matter how gentle you are, there are small cuts that appear on the skin; hence, if you are using a previously used razor, you may be introducing harmful bacteria into your skin.
  • If you do not want to use disposable razors, the make sure that you sanitized your razor before each use with the help of rubbing alcohol or antiseptic solution.
  • Before you start shaving, prep your skin by exfoliating your body with the help f a body scrub to ensure a smoother shave and softer skin!
  • Make sure you use shaving gel since it helps the razor glide a lot smoother on the skin and allows for a cleaner shave.
  • A razor that has five blades allows for a smoother and closer shave.
  • Do not put too much pressure when you are shaving your legs as this may cause frictional burns and cuts.
  • Do not move the razor sideways, since this will cause you to cut yourself.
  • Make sure to go slower when you approach any sharp angles since those areas can be a little tricky.

For Waxing At Home: While shaving at home is the easiest method, many prefer waxing to shaving. Waxing rips out the hair from the root and hence leaves you with hair-free sin for a longer time.

  • Make sure to exfoliate your skin before you start waxing; this will remove dead cells from your skin and make the process a lot smoother.
  • Before you start waxing, make sure that the area is completely dry. It should be free of sweat, dirt, creams, and water so that you can go about the procedure smoothly.
  • Examine the length of your hair; if it is between ¼ to ¾ of an inch long, then you are good to go. If it is any shorter than this, then it will not be possible to wax your body hair, and you are better off just shaving it, and if it is any longer, then it will resist the wax causing patchiness and increased pain.
  • Waxing is a painful process, and it can leave your skin feeling a lot more sensitive; hence, when you are waxing, make sure that you do not go over the same area more than two times.
  • Apply the wax in the direction hair growth; this is important to ensure that all hair in the patch is removed at the same time and you do not leave and stories behind.
  • Ensure that you heat the wax to the correct temperature; when using hard wax; you need to make sure that it is not too hot or too cold, it should be sufficiently warm, but not enough to burn the skin.
  • When pulling the wax strips, pull against the direction of hair growth and make sure that you hold the skin taut to eliminate unnecessary pain.

For Hair Removal Creams: These creams use chemicals to burn or damage the hair follicle and hence produce better results than shaving, but do not beat waxing.

  • Test the cream out in small patches in various areas of the body to ensure that your skin does not react badly to the creams.
  • Just like waxing, hair removal creams only work on a particular hair length; hence, you must ensure that your hair is longer than ¼ of an inch or it may not work for you.
  • Make sure that you do not leave the cream on for too long as this may cause chemical burns.
  • Check your hair and skin type so that you can select a hair removal cream designed specifically for your hair or skin type.
  • Make sure to wipe the cream off after you use it instead of rubbing it in.
  • If you find that there are still some stubbly patches of hair left, make sure that you wait at least three days before trying to use the cream on the same spot again.
  • Different areas of the body require a different type of cram, so make sure you read the directions of use carefully before you purchase them.

Make sure you follow these tips when you are removing body hair at home. Additionally, no matter what method you use, make sure that you apply some antiseptic and calming lotion after you shave. Do not apply anything that is too harsh; instead make sure your skin is sanitized and well moisturized.

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