Home Based Multi-Service Small Business Ideas

Home Based Multi-Service Small Business Ideas

After GoJek and Grab, multi-service on-demand apps have become the requirement in every country. Existing on-demand services providers like food delivery, taxi service, grocery delivery, on-demand massage, etc are looking further to start more than two or three services rather than sticking with one. Combining all of them together and providing all the services through one on-demand mobile application that is similar to Godek.

However, GoJek is a huge startup company as well as it is also known to be a Unicorn Startup Company. The term Unicorn is used for those companies that value over $1 Billion at the startup level. Well, it’s a huge amount as GoJek have many investors, as well as their business, was started on a higher level. But if your budget is not so large and wants to start you small multi-service business, you should know the right services.

Here, we have a list of some on-demand services that you can begin with an app like GoJek.

Pet Care

Well, pet care is a great service that you can provide through your app. There may many pet care service provider that will find you as service providers a nowadays very active in every country. Because the service providers are earning a lot with these on-demand service apps. You can even a partnership with local pet care store so that you can deliver the supply to your customers. You can include sub-categories inside pet care service like dog walking, veterinary, pet food supply, etc.

Home Services

Now home services include many things like cleaning, fixing, repairing, lawn care and much more. The best way to categorize home services is to get to know the types of services that join you. Like many types of service provider joins you under home services, those many numbers of home services you can provide to your customer.

Personal Gym Trainer

There are many people who cannot go out to the gym but require a personal trainer to provide gym services at their home only. There are many gym trainers who can join as a service provider and can provide gym services to your customer. Gym services is a need of many people as they do not get gym trainers easily. And to whom they find, either do not provide service at their home or charges very high.

Baby Sitting

It’s a huge problem in many countries that young married couples are not able to find a babysitter who can take care of their child or kids. Usually, both parents are working that makes it difficult for them to take care of their kids. That is why they consider finding a good babysitter that can handle their kids with ease.

Your babysitting services can make it easier for many people. It will become convenient for people who are finding baby care services. Parents will get more time to spend with each other. And, those who have to wake up early in the morning for their offices will be able to reach at their destinations on time.

Tutor Services

Nowadays, there is one more problem not only with the parents but also with their kids. As you know that education level is becoming so complex day by day. Children of age between 6 to 16 are struggling to pass in their classes. It’s getting impossible for them to learn multiple subject lesson at the same time. Because at schools they are not getting the education at the level to pass the annual examination. Parents are getting worried a lot for their kids as failing in a class is the worst nightmare of every teenager.

To resolve this major issue, people started hiring tutors that come to the home and teach their kids those subjects in which they are weak. However, sometimes it gets way much difficult for the parents to find a tutor for their kids. You can help these parents as well as their kids to get a good education to pass their examinations. You can make a separate category for on-demand tutor services so that the teachers who want to earn can be a part of your platform and can teach the students who are looking for the tutor for any specific subject.

Multi-Service Business like GoJek

Taxi services, food & grocery delivery are normal and are not suitable for multi-service small business. Although, a business like GoJek is quite difficult to start a small multi-service business is not impossible. It is possible to start on demand multi-service business on the lower level but for that, you will require a GoJek Clone app. Get your GoJek Clone app today and start with your multi-service small business.

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Felica Carroll is Digital marketing executive at V3cube.com, an on-demand taxi booking app development company. She has extensive experience in building a successful strategy for the app-based industry.

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