3 ways to test if an employee is fit to hire

3 ways to test if an employee is fit to hire

For any business, hiring the right employees makes a lot of difference. With the right staff, you can reap great profits. Recruiting employees can be stressful. You will not only be judged for your selection but you will also have to answer for their level of performance.

By following the rules given below and going through a prevue test you will be in a better position to hire the right candidate for the job. Here are 3 tips that will help you get the right candidate for the job.

Tip one: Check the credentials of the applicant closely

As part of the recruitment process, it is important to have a well-worded job description. Your list of the characteristics that are desired by the company will help narrow down the process. Once you have the application forms in your hand, screen them carefully. Check out the skills, qualifications and experience of the candidates. Be thorough at this stage of recruitment, as the candidate will be spending a lot of time working with you.

Tip two: Compatibility matters too

It is very important to find a candidate who is compatible with the culture of the company. You can do this by checking out whether the prospective employee has the required social skills to get along with the rest of the staff; including the managers.

The candidate must have the will to be amicable and cooperative with the rest of the team. If at any time you feel that the candidate is likely to have problems with the rest of the staff and more importantly with the clients, it is better you rethink your idea of hiring him or her.

Tip three: get social with the prospective employee

It can be awkward and embarrassing to ask the candidate questions that are of a personal nature. However, it is important to have as much personal information of the candidate as possible. In such a case, it is better for either you or your human resources team to check the presence of the candidate on social media. Social media can tell you whether the candidate is a suitable employee for your business.

You will be surprised how much information you can gather from social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.

Conducting an interview

While conducting an interview, ask specific questions to all the candidates so that you can gauge who is suitable for the post that is available. You can closely monitor the candidate as the candidate answers each question so you can judge if he or she is suitable for your organization.

To make the best out of the interview, follow these tips:

  • Pose questions that are of a general nature so that you can find out how they improvise and keep their poise when answering.
  • Check to see if the candidate has the specific skills that are required for the job and is able to be trained more.
  • Ask questions based on behavior during specific situations to see how they would deal with the situation.

It is not easy selecting the right candidate for your organization. However, if handled in an organized manner, the job can become a lot easier and you are sure to find the candidate that best suits your needs.

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