5 Must-Have Emergency Contacts for Every Home

5 Must-Have Emergency Contacts for Every Home

You never know what might happen when you’re at home. You could slip and fall, an appliance could break down, or your house could even catch on fire. Be prepared at all times by having an emergency contact list that includes the numbers you’ll need. From emergency services to appliance repair services, these are the five numbers that need to be on your list.

  1. 911

It might seem silly to write 911 down on your emergency contact list, but if you’re panicking, you could easily forget the number. It’s especially important to include this number if you have kids. They need to understand when and how to call 911. If they forget the number, they can just go over to the list and see it. That type of reinforcement will help during an emergency.

You can also write down the numbers for non-emergency fire and police and go over the differences with your children, but that’s not entirely necessary. As long as they know how to dial 911, they’ll get the help they need in an emergency.

  1. Plumber

Most of the time, your plumbing works perfectly, but what will you do if a pipe bursts or your toilet starts overflowing? You’ll want to call the plumber. Include the plumber on your emergency contact list, so you can call him or her in an instant. The sooner you call, the faster the plumber can get out there.

  1. Appliance Repair Company

Some people don’t include an appliance repair company on their emergency contact list, and then they’re left scrambling when disaster strikes. If your refrigerator or another appliance breaks down, you need a company that handles appliance repair services to come out ASAP. Put that number on your list, so you won’t have to wait for appliance repair services.

  1. Emergency Vet

If you have pets, you should have the number for the emergency vet on hand. Accidents happen–your pets can get sick or injured and, sometimes, it can’t wait till morning. The emergency vet will let you know if you need to bring your pet in or if it can wait until the next day. You’ll be happy to have the number on hand instead of searching for it when you’re worried.

  1. Doctor

If you have a serious medical emergency, you’ll call 911. Most of the time, though, you can just call the doctor. The doctor can let you know if it’s an emergency or if you can wait and come in later. Also, your doctor can call in medicine for you without even seeing you. That makes this a very handy number to keep on the fridge.

It’s much easier to deal with an emergency when you have an emergency contact list. Display it openly, so you can easily get the number for the doctor, appliance repair services, and more. Be sure your kids know where the list is, as well. If you aren’t home or if you’re incapacitated, the kids will need to take over and call someone.

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