The escalating weight crisis of Australians

The escalating weight crisis of Australians

The modern-day lifestyle of Australians is wreaking havoc on our health. Facts show that almost 75% of Australian males are overweight and 60% of Australian females are also overweight. The cost to the health service is astronomical and life expectancy is dropping to levels not seen before.

Why are Australians becoming so fat? For decades now Australians are employed in more sedentary jobs than ever before. Convenience food is on every corner of every city throughout Australia, and the temptation to enjoy fast tasty food and snacks has taken over from what used to be normal home cooked food.

Let’s face it, buying food from fast food chains is more than convenient, it’s cheap as well. A couple of large pizzas can feed the whole family for less than you would spend at the grocery store.

What Australians are not appreciating is that fast foods are full of sugar, salt and cheap fats that are detrimental to our health. This why our waistlines are expanding. 

If we don’t take the present weight crisis into our own hands, our destiny could already be cast in stone. 

If we stay on this track what will happen?

There is enough medical evidence to warn Australians what will become of us. Type 2 diabetes is going through the roof worldwide and Australia is a large contributor to the diabetic statistics. Do you know that diabetes causes deteriorating vision leading to blindness? 

Diabetes is a killer without question; it contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, circulation problems and kidney conditions. Diabetes causes more amputations of the lower legs than any other disease.
For family and friends watching someone suffer and die from diabetes is a painful experience. What causes more pain than anything else to family members is that type 2 diabetes is preventable with simple changes to the diet and exercise.

How can we turn this escalating weight crisis around?

It’s a great question to ask and one we should be asking ourselves. On average if we shed 3 kilos of fat as a minimum our health will improve. Diet and exercise are key to shedding those unwanted kilos, and we can discuss the best way to achieve your weight loss targets.

A perfect way to lose weight quickly is by drinking whey protein. If you use the top whey protein on the market you will see fast results.

What is whey protein

Whey is the watery part of milk and for many years was discarded or used as animal feed. However, whey contains some pretty impressive compounds that we can all gain from. Whey as a standalone food option tastes pretty awful; this is why we can find flavored whey powders being offered.

Not all whey is created the same so it’s important to buy the top whey protein for weight loss. Some whey powders are mixed with sugars that will impede our weight loss efforts.

The main forms of whey are formulated as follows.

Isolate – This whey product is 90% protein and contains very little milk natural sugars (lactose) and is recommended for weight loss and muscle building. 

Hydrolysate – Hydrolysate contains approximately 40 % protein. Its properties cause an insulin spike so this type of whey protein may not be suitable for everyone to use.

Concentrate – The concentrate contains approximately 75% protein with the addition of some of the milk fats, which makes for a tasty drink.

Substituting fat with protein causes efficient weight loss and by initially substituting two meals a day with a whey protein drink will provide you with fast weight loss.

Once you start to see your weight loss you will be motivated to exercise. Drinking whey is perfect for those of us who incorporate a little exercise into our daily diet regime. Protein promotes muscle strength and endurance.

By increasing muscle strength your body naturally burn more calories, muscles are hungry, and they need food. Whey provides the ideal food to feed hungry muscles; this is why whey protein has been the number one choice of professional bodybuilders for generations. 

Whey is packed with nutrients and properties that stimulate amino acid production; these amino acids are the very foundation of muscle growth that we need to aid us in maintaining a healthy weight.

Closing thoughts

By purchasing a top whey protein for weight loss Australians can take control of their diets and live a healthy and long-lasting meaningful life.

Whey protein is an invaluable source of food and nutrients that can either kick start our weight loss program or help us to maintain a healthy weight.

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