Android vs iOS- Which Mobile OS is Right for You?

android vs ios

Android vs iOS- a fiery debate topic right at your table!

If there is any topic that is capable of breaking strong friendship bonds, this is it. One should look at the fierceness with which the defenders of the respective mobile OSs defend it. I have always been an iPhone user so it is iOS for me. A couple of my friends who own Samsung or other mobiles speak in favor of Android. They refer to iOS as an operating system that offers obsolete technologies. A very dear friend started arguing with me over the Wi-Fi services that each system supports. I was unable to connect her HughesNet Satellite Internet and  Wi-Fi to my mobile when I was visiting her place. She started blaming my operating system for it. I had never come across a more petty and stupid argument in my life. And we ended up comparing (read: defending) our mobiles and their operating systems. Here is the break down of that debate/argument…

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When it comes to hardware, one cannot deny that Apple has never failed to amaze the people with its astonishing camera, its lightning fast speed and a rather attractive display. Every new model is better than its previous one. However, one thing that Apple phones lack is the innovative features and visual appeal. Another problem with the iPhone is that the users do not have as much variety to choose from as do the Android lovers. I mean iOS fanatics can only choose from 1-2 iPhone designs that btw are very heavy on the pocket. Not everyone can afford to invest in an iPhone.  On the other hand, Android fans have unlimited options on their tables. From Huawei to Xi MI to  Samsung, people who prefer android can choose a mobile that suits their budget and one that appeals to them when it comes to design. They have many options to choose from when it comes to the outlook of the mobile as well.

Android has an edge over iOS when it comes to hardware.


Talking of the design of the operating systems, let’s all agree that Apple offers a sleeker and user-friendly OS than Google. iOS is more intuitive than Android. An appreciable feature of iOS is that it is easy to access and navigate with. Even if someone is new to technology or is not very technology savvy, the iOS platform makes it easy for the user to operate it. If you have happened to use an iPhone, you would have noticed that there are no hidden menus. Everything is displayed in front of the users without leaving any room for them to search for their desired app with difficulty.

On the other hand, Android offers its users a rather confusing experience. Many apps and features are hidden from the users. I wonder why that is so. The users have to put in the extra effort and spend more time to search for something that they wish to access. This gets rather annoying when even after minutes an individual is not able to locate a simple thing like a calculator.

iOS wins the design war.


I was not able to defend this particular feature much. Because let’s face it, we all know that Apple phones have always been in news for its unbelievably high prices. The recent iPhone XS starts at a whopping price of $1099. Woah!

Android phones, on the other hand, are not just restricted to the high-end Samsung models. You have the option to choose from an array of different mobiles that makes it more affordable.


iPhone for the win!

If you worry a lot about the privacy and security of your data and pictures, the iPhone should be your choice. The iOS is designed to monitor any bugs, malware, worms or viruses closely and keep them away from your mobile.  On the other hand, Android is a more open platform that does not guarantee to protect the user from bugs and viruses to the extent that Apple does. The malware penetrating probability on iPhones is almost 0%. If this does not surprise you, I do not know what will.

At the end of the debate, we were unable to reach a conclusion as both of us had points to support our respective operating systems. However, I called HughesNet Internet Customer care number and asked them if there was an issue at their end. And guess what? The rep agreed that the Wi-Fi service in my friend’s ara was down for some time. Hence, my mobile and iOS were not to be blamed.

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