Pubfilm | 11 Websites Like Pubfilm [ Updated 2019 ]

Websites Like Pubfilm

At the popular video streaming site Pubfilm, you can watch some of the best most popular television series and movies sitting anywhere online. All you need is a good internet connection. The site is easy to operate and you can navigate the site easily by simply scrolling down all the updated shows, the most popular and new series and episodes and the recommendations made for you as per your like. For your convenience subtitles are available for almost all the media available at our site.

Downloading of the film is also available so that you can watch your favorite shows and movies in the network prone areas as well. The movies belonging to different genres are available for you so you get a chance to switch to a different movie or series as per your mood or liking. People belonging to different age have a varying taste of movies and television series.

11 Best Sites like Pubfilm

Thus, we create the best experience for all our viewers as per their wants irrespective of their age, liking and interest. There are a lot of other great sites available to make your entertainment goals higher and better. This article gives some insight into the sites other than Pubfilm which can of great use to you and make your fun experience great. These are some of the top sites that serve you just like Pubfilm does. The most wanted feature in today’s world with a video streaming site would be its availability and the sites that are being talked about in the space below are both computer and mobile-friendly sites.

1. putlockers movie

The first such site which makes your video streaming experience a good one is Putlocker. It is a highly-ranked streaming site just like Pubfilm and gives you all the latest television and movie updates for free. The film that you are interested in can be searched easily as you open the site on the top search bar. Here in this top section where you will find your movie, you will get our thematic navigation bar which will guide you through our sites properties. These will include the genre section, featured movies of the month, the hottest ones, etc. So, this is surely one of the online websites that you can use for online video streaming of your favorite binge-watch.


Tips to provide you a great experience at Putlocker

The application of the same website is available in case you are a movie buff who sticks to mobile screens. The procedure is exactly the same as followed while watching movies in ou site at your PC while you stream on phone. The first step is the application’s installation on your phone. For the IOS operators, the application is available directly on the application store and gets directly installed from there whereas for Android users the application is available at the play store app. Go to the Google Play store app and install the Putlocker application.


Popcorn Time is another tool to binge-watch anytime, at any place. It showcases high-quality movies. The users are required to download and install the popcorn time app at popcorn time website, unlike other web-based video streaming sites. All you need is a good internet or wifi connection and the rest would be accomplished on its own with the help of this cool application. It will search for the best movies and TV shows for you to watch. You can add the subtitles too while watching any Hollywood movie. So, here is your favorite site available to watch with a popcorn tub in your hand. What are you waiting for? Install the app now!

Some Tips

There is a provision of a mobile app for Popcorn Time for the users who want to have High-Quality movie experience in their phone. So, download the mobile app to have the great experience of movies and TV shows on your phone before you step out of your home. The app store contains its IOS version. You just input the app’s name in the search bar and install it. The Android version is again available at the Google Playstore and its alternatives. But, any of you who do not have a good storage space then you can go for some other apps. You can simply search in the Google Play or App Store for other good movies and TV series online sites or simply watch on by visiting each site using your phone’s browser.


123Movies is a site for watching movies online and gets updated day today. It is at present known by the name 123movies. There are a lot of Hollywood Movies present at this site to watch. At the Homepage, the genre can be selected to watch the movie of a particular genre be it Science fiction, Horror, Romantic, Action, Mystery, Comedy and many many more.

There is a section that provides the country’s name where the particular television series has been released and through that, you can get the list of all top-ranking shows that are available to watch. You must give a try to this amazing online TV series and movies provider site which has all the essential features that a user desire for just like Pubfilms.


Another easy to use available site like Pubfilm to watch TV series and online movies online is Vumoo. You scroll once through the website and select your favorite movie or TV show and click on it. Your movie would start streaming. Aquaman, Equalizer two, Bumblebee, First Man all the movies with features titles are present at your service at Vumoo.

Moreover, the slideshow present at the interface shows the film that is watched maximum by the people in a year. There can be some movies and shows that you wish to watch but you do not have any knowledge about the plot. So that problem is solved as the site provides a description box below the respective movie or show bar to get a summary or brief about that movie or show. There are thus surely various proofs by the site to make it a better Pubfilm alternatives.


If not Netflix then the site that provides an aggregate of overall entertaining stuff for binge watch is best for free users. Yidio is that site which fulfills this need by providing movie present at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle and any other video streaming sites. It is like an online Hub for the movie buffs. One of the coolest features that this site has is that it gives you the freedom to choose your very own streaming service site. For example, the movie available for free at Yidio would carry a link to add it to your Netflix DVD queue if you like to or steam it on Amazon prime using the membership.


The renting movies options are also available at Amazon, Vudu or iTunes. All these options are present in the same site and the users can choose the way they want to watch a movie or show. There are many movies available at free of cost and all are collected in this cohesive unit to make your task easy.

6. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a website backed up by Sony as its name suggests and it provides the viewers with free TV Shows and Movie online. It is also available on Roku which is a streaming device. The movies present at crackle are very selective and classic which ensure that you get a prime type of experience.

sony crackle

It almost makes you wonder if Netflix paid subscriptions are not really required anymore. The original TV productions give you a happy TV show experience. The Shield and Chosen are a few examples of those original productions.


Put your ring in the Kanopy video streaming site for Movies and TV shows. It is a site that lets you enjoy all the TV shows and movies for free. This site caters to public and university libraries worldwide. Its usability is very convenient and just asks for an android or IOS operator. And its own channel called Roku is available at your service all the time. The top-notch films are selected at this streaming site. TV collection is also great. It streams thoughtful entertainment in the form of documentaries, movies, and educational videos.

Some Tips related to Kanopy

To get into this world of curiously wonderful things and renew your faith in the internet requires nothing much but membership in a local library. You just need to become a member of a public library and you can find many helpful videos related to career development. This streaming platform is especially aimed at career development. Kanopy can be accessed also on AppleTV, Android TV, iPad, ChromeCast, Fire TV, Fire tablet, Roku and computers of-course.

Thus, its reach is unlimited. They provide quality entertainment which is boundless of age. The enriching, educational, as well as entertainment, is not just restricted to adults but they have taken care of kids too. At Kanopy there are videos for kids too. Kanopy has made a partnership with an independent organization called Common Sense Media which helps teachers and parents with videos for kids which are worth watching and empowering for them. So truly, the Kanopy provides a canopy-like ornamental experience to the viewers.


Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital. You can share videos through this website and watch movies belonging to different genres. There are fifty thousand movies at present on this site which you can view anytime. The great feature is a translation feature. The movies are translated into eight different languages. Smooth video playback can be enjoyed on both computer and mobile.


The high digital quality allows you to adjust video quality as per your wish. The original series, a user-friendly interface, and easy smart search are the top points of the website. The mobile version of the app can be installed by Android users through the Google Play store and IOS users have the application available at the app store. At your PC you only need to visit the Hotstar Official website in the browser.


Filmywap provides a wide range of movies from old to new as well as the independent movies. The independent movies is a feature film or short film and are produced outside the major studio system. They are produced and distributed by independent entertainment companies. Filmywap is a great source for the movie lovers to enjoy watching movies from late back nineteen fourteen to the recent ones. The movies from various genres are present at one place like Action, Adventure, Bollywood Movie, Black and White comedy, short films, Horror movie and lots and lots of other movies.

The fans of animated movies can always check this website out. The simple interface helps in easier navigation of this site. Each part has been categorized by the site into tabs on the top of the main page. The featured, latest, most viewed movies are flashed on a tile on the website page. All they ask is for a click to watch that movie from the tile directly.


Yahoo creates a brand named Oath with its partners called AOS. The Digital Media company called Oath provides access to entertaining videos and informative ones to aware people about the happenings around the globe for free. The movies are available here for free of cost.

Without spending dime videos based on a specific genre can be accessed by clicking on the tabs on the site containing available genres. Although, there are a bunch of shows that require US premises. But this is with regard to TV shows offered. You don’t need to worry about the movies because you can watch all the available movies from the site.


Watching the movies and TV series streamed online is not always possible for you. For that matter of chance, Video Keeper can be of great help. It’s not that you don’t need the internet here but, there is a difference. Watching movies online and downloading them can harm your system or device, In that case, video keeper is a better option to protect your system from any unwanted viruses. This tool helps you to download the film quickly by merely copying the URL of the video from a trusted site. Rest would be managed by the app itself.

There is a feature that automatically detects a video by searching the streaming site for the movie in its own interface. The movie is downloaded by the app once you stream it. Other steps that guide you through the tool are also available on the internet.


There has been a long journey from the Black and White TV world to this colorful world of media that is comparatively well processed and affordable for most of the viewers. The variety has been expanded to another great level and therefore there is surety of expansion in what is present today to be better in quality tomorrow.

Thanks to the internet that our world became more diverse and entertaining with gradual independence from cable TV. This attracted people more towards the internet and they need nothing more than a great reach and fast internet world. These online sites like Pubfilm providing free video streaming are an add on to the service of the internet that got integrated with good media stuff all at free. So, stream live stream for free, educate yourself, feel good.

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