Do you know what Does LMAO Mean ?

What Does LMAO Mean

How many of you like the idea of abbreviations? Well, I do. Initially, I didn’t because I did not understand what half of them meant. Now I realize how much time they save and can also make an awkward conversation simple. No sooner that I send a funny text message, that my recipients start sending ‘LMAO’, ‘ROFL’, ‘lol’, ‘LQTM’, etc. You will be amused at the collection of abbreviations I have got by this time up my sleeves. However, LMAO is usually considered as the most commonly used abbreviation. Give this article a read to understand what LMAO means if you are a newbie in this market of using short forms.

What Does LMAO Mean?

LMAO is one of the most common words used in texts messages. People send it usually when you have shared a joke or said something funny. The full form of LMAO is: Laughing my ass off. Yes, it is that quirky. From Facebook to Twitter, you can use this abbreviation everywhere to indicate that you have understood the joke.

You may use this acronym when you find something particularly funny. People don’t use LMAO in general. They usually use it when they find something funny within their circle of friends. You can also use Lmfao when you find something extremely funny. This acronym has the ‘F’ word. So you need to think carefully before using it. Just make sure you don’t offend anyone out there.

Many people have this misconception that the phrase LMAO came in the 2oth century. But, no, it has been brought forth in the 1990s. It is right then when online communication has just begun. These days, it is an integral part of the Internet slang and textspeak. Most importantly, using abbreviations seems to be way more convenient than writing the entire text.

What does LMAO mean in texting and how to use it?

Using abbreviations also consist of rules. You may deliver it all wrong if you don’t abide by the rules strictly. See you are not supposed to use such abbreviations informal communication. Use it on instant messaging apps, online networks, and text messages. You must use it when you are talking to someone close to you. You can reply ‘LMAO’ to your professor, right? Anyway, you can write the phrase in either lowercase or uppercase. But, if you have to use it in a formal conversation, stick to one rule of capitalization.

You can always build on LMAO to indicate that you really found the joke funny. Well, write it in uppercase letters. You can also double o’s at the end of the abbreviation. Write something like this: LMAO means you are laughing your ass off and off. You may also add the “F word” if you are really okay with it. Lmfao.

Some examples of using LMAO are:

  • That’s one amusing dog! LMAO!
  • That joke about the polar bear, LMAO.
  • I don’t hesitate to LMAO when I hear about my ex.
  • You don’t like sarcasm, LMAO.

Hopefully, you have understood what LMAO means. You may find other examples online to understand LMAO meaning. LMAO is not the one you can use to express how funny you find that joke to be. There are tons of abbreviations that you can use. Let’s have a look.

But, before we begin, it is crucial to understand what abbreviations actually are.

What Are Abbreviations?

In my opinion, abbreviations act as a savior for laid-backs like me. You don’t have to type the entire word to convey your feelings. Just use four to five letters to indicate your thoughts. How convenient! How often have you wished for a word to be shorter? Your wish is granted! Abbreviations have come into play.

No matter in which context we use, abbreviations are everywhere, from common language to business-specific terms, you will find the use of abbreviations everywhere. Many of them may be informal as well. Some of them may not be defined in the dictionary as well, but they are very much considered as real words. It is always suggested that you must not use abbreviations in a formal document, assignments at school, for example. Use them while talking to a friend or texting an acquaintance.

Different Types of Abbreviations and Examples?

The main motive of abbreviations is to shorten words or phrases to make the conversation faster. There are various kinds of abbreviations. It is imperative for you to know everything about them to make sure you use it correctly. The different types are:


These abbreviations are pronounced like an actual word. They are formed using the first part of the phrase or first letters in the words of a phrase. Some of the most common examples are:

  1. ASAP= as soon as possible
  2. ZIP= one improvement plan
  3. GIF= graphics interchange format
  4. Radar = Radio detection and ranging

Besides these, other words such as LMAO and Rofl also fall under this category. Let’s dive into the second type of abbreviation.


In initialisms, you need to use the word by pronouncing each letter at a time. Unlike the first category, you can’t spell it out as a single word. Here you will find some of the letters in the word and phrase. Let’s have a look at some of the examples:

  1. DNA= Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  2. BBC=
  3. FBI= Bureau of investigation
  4. FAQs= frequently asked questions
  5. IAEA= International Atomic Energy Agency

The above-mentioned examples are considered as short forms. You can’t just create meaningless abbreviations for the sake of it. You need to stop using TOV to mean tone of voice.


When you omit the beginning and end of the word, we call it the shortening form of abbreviation. Now there are two types of shortenings.

Type 1 shortening

These are treated as real words and used in everyday vocabulary. We write them down or say it as a complete word. Some of the examples include:

  1. Ad= advertisement
  2. App= application
  3. Blog- weblog
  4. Flu= influenza
  5. Rhino= rhinoceros

Hopefully, you can relate to all these examples because we use them daily. Remember you can use the uppercase for the first letter of these words only if the entire word starts with a capital letter. Also, do not use a full stop after type I shortenings.

Type 2 shortenings

Unlike the first, this one is not treated as real words. You can only use them in the form of writing. We tell the entire word while speaking. Let’s take a look at some of the examples:

  1. Feb= February
  2. Sat= Saturday
  3. Sun=Sunday

You can write the first letter in uppercase if the entire word begins with a capital letter. You can also use full stops at the end of the abbreviations. It is completely up to you.


These abbreviations take form when we omit some letters from the middle of the word. At the end of a contraction, we usually do not put a full stop. The rules for capitalizing the first letter remain the same as the rest. It consists of two categories. Let’s have a look at them.

Type 1 contractions

These have missing letters from the word. There can be 1 or more letters missing.

  1. Dr= Doctor
  2. Govt= government
  3. St= Saint
  4. Mr = Mister


Type 2 contractions

These consist of missing letters from more than one word. We use an apostrophe in contractions.

  1. He’s= he is
  2. I’ve = I have
  3. They’d = they would

Wrapping Up,

Hopefully, now you have a clear about the use of abbreviations logically in your texts or documents. You will find a slew of online tutorials and academic blogs explaining the use of short forms in-depth. Talk to your seniors or professors if you want to use abbreviations in your assignments. Do not forget to LMAO when you hear a funny joke or your friends sends an amusing text. Have a good day!


Q1. What does lmao mean?

Ans. LMAO is an internet slang abbreviation that stands for “laughing my ass off.” It is commonly used in online communication, such as in social media posts, text messages, and chat conversations, to indicate that something is hilarious or extremely funny.

Q2. Where did the term lmao come from?

Ans. The term “lmao” is believed to have originated in the early days of internet chat rooms and online messaging. It is a variation of the term lol, which stands for “laugh out loud,” and has since become a popular internet slang abbreviation in its own right.

Q3. Is lmao only used online or in text messages, or is it used in spoken conversation as well?

Ans. While lmao is primarily used in online communication and text messaging, it is not uncommon for people to use internet slang terms like “lmao” in spoken conversation as well. However, it is important to be mindful of the context and audience when using informal expressions like lmao in spoken conversation.

Q4. Are there any alternative meanings or interpretations of lmao?

Ans. While lmao is generally used to indicate that something is very funny, it is possible for the context or tone of a message to change the meaning of the term. For example, “lmao” used sarcastically may indicate that the person does not actually find something funny, while lmao used in a more serious context may be seen as inappropriate or disrespectful.

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