See Through Clothes Camera: Facts That You Need to Know

Every camera has a CCD sensor. These CCD sensors have the ability to see the infrared of the light spectrum. However, is they are exposed to the high energy infrared light for long, they can burn. Hence, there is an infrared blocking filter inside the digital cameras, to protect the CCD sensor from burning due to the long exposure of high-energy infrared light. If this infrared blocking filter is removed, the camera will be able to see the infrared.

The infrared technology in cameras allows the users to take pictures in the dark. However, an infrared lens when used in daylight is able to see through certain clothes revealing tattoos, underwear and body parts underneath. The degree of transparency depending on how well a fabric absorbs the infrared light waves. It mainly works on fabrics, which are either dark in color or are very thin. The best example of highly effective see through clothes camera are the body scanners you find at airports. Those body scanners can see straight through the clothes and is effective on all types of clothes irrespective of the color and thickness of the fabric.

Sometimes some products make it to the market with some flaws or defaults, which was not picked up, by the engineers or manufacturers. Even if a product has gone through extensive testing, it is always possible that the users will discover some unknown feature, malfunction, or defect that causes a dreaded and costly product recall.

Capacity and Range of Cloth Camera:

In 1998, Sony had the biggest product recall in its history when it had to recall 700000 video cameras after the customers discovered that the product unintentionally boasted X-ray capabilities. The video cameras were equipped with infrared technology, which allowed them to take pictures in the dark. However, when these video cameras were used in daylight, they could see through clothes. Once the tech giant got to know of the unintended feature, it attempted to recall all the 700000 cameras and changed the way it manufactured its night vision mode. Though it was just an innocent mistake, things already had gone out of their hands. At least 12 websites were found, according to America’s ABC News, which featured pictures of women who look almost naked even though they were wearing clothes or swimsuits. Since then, many other cameras have been launched in the market, which has the same X-ray ability. Not only that, if you search on Google, you will have a number of videos, which demonstrate the phenomena and the ways of making a see through the camera.

To make a see through the camera is not that difficult. All you need to do is a little operation on your camera. However, this has a high probability of damaging your camera beyond repair. The cheapest see through camera costs 200$ whereas the DIY ones can be made with just 10$ including the HD video camera!

Want to make a see through camera yourself? We are here to let you know how to do it. First, you need to open up the camera. When you open the case, you will be able to see the CCD sensor. You need to disconnect the flex cable in order to remove the CCD sensor. After the CCD sensor is disconnected from the system, you need to detach the lens mechanism from the sensor. Once you have successfully separated the lens from the CCD sensor, in the lens part you will find the collimating lenses. On removing these lenses, you will find the infrared blocking filter. It will be reddish in color. We need to remove the infrared filter very carefully with the help of a screwdriver. After removing the infrared filter, the collimating lenses should be again inserting in its place and the camera should be fixed back properly. If all goes well, it will give you the right night vision you want. However, transparency may differ depending on the type of camera used. Remember, cheaper the camera, easier it will be to modify it.

Now that you know how to make a see through the camera, you can also try viewing a few things which will look interesting through it, like a heated soldering iron or a USB lighter glowing. You can also take a look at different circuits. The part numbers of the different components of a circuit, which do not appear clear to the human eye, can be seen clearly through these cameras.

How to Find the Best Cloth Camera:

If you still have trouble finding a see through a camera or making one, you do not really need to worry. All thanks to the advanced technologies. All you need is a smartphone irrespective of the platform. There are apps for both IOS and Android. Try searching with the keyword “see through camera apps” on Google. You will find a number of results, which have the best apps listed.

How to modify your camera into an Infrared Camera?

Infrared Camera

1. At first, open your digital camera safely.
2. Disconnect the flex cable and remove the CCD sensor.
3. Disconnect lens of your digital camera from the sensor safely.

Now the lens has been successfully separated from the CCD sensor.
4. In the lens part, remove the collimating lenses.
5. A reddish-looking infrared blocking filter will be visible while removing the collimating lenses.
6. Use a screwdriver to remove this infrared filter.
7. Now re-insert the collimating lens on its previous section.
8. Reassemble the camera properly.

Few things that can be visible into an infrared camera

modify your camera

  • A USB lighter that showcases the heat prominently.
  • Moto E showing a normal LED.
  • Moto E showing a proximity sensor flashing.
  • Inside the Logitech Harmony Hub, the circuit board is noticeable.
  • A heated soldering iron (not visible through an ordinary camera)
  • Heated part of the soldering iron glowing is properly visible.
  • Electronics ICS or component numbers is easily visible through naked eyes as This can be helpful to detect to many unlabeled component boxes.
  • See the part number in very congested spaces.
  • A normal green laser pointer.
  • A normal green laser pointer also emitting infrared light in random directions.
  • You can see through RFID tags easily.

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