Ways to Get More Followers with Automation

Ways to Get More Followers with Automation

Instagram is the most famous application in the social world. There are billions of people who are using it and get useful advantages. In this article, we will learn how to get more followers towards our account with automation. There are lots of ways in which we can increase the Instagram following. There are also social media automation tools through which you can save your time and effort.

What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation means that there are services provided by different companies with the help of which you can increase the likes on Instagram, get more number of followers on Instagram and also you can schedule your posts using automation. Automation is the process with the help of which you can get the services or advantages with less human assistance.

Best Tools for Instagram Automation:

As in the world of competition and depending on the demand of the people, there are lots of changes that are going to happen in any app. Similar is the case with Instagram. That is the only reason you have to update your Instagram application. Nowadays, there are many tools available with the help of which you can get all the benefits of automation.

  • Likegrowers.
  • Instasize.
  • Likesgainer.
  • Hootsuite.
  • Buffer.
  • Social Caption.

1- Scheduling your Posts:

When you make a post on Instagram, then for growing your account you have to post daily or maybe two times a day on Instagram. For this purpose, it is very necessary that you schedule your posts on Instagram. As we all know that scheduling makes our work easier. There are different tools available on Instagram with the help of which you can schedule your posts.


Hootsuite is the most widely used tool with the help of which you can schedule your posts in an organized way. Hootsuite is working for business pages, personal accounts and also other social activities.


Buffer is also the scheduling tool where you can schedule your posts. You can schedule a minimum of 10 posts for free. Next, you can take a package where you can schedule the posts for unlimited.

2- Automate Instagram Likes:

We can grow our Instagram account by automating Instagram likes. Instagram likes are a great way to increase the number of followers on your account and also get the new followers on your account. The most important thing is that do not buy followers on your Instagram account as these are fake followers. People can judge very easily that the account is fake because of the increase in the number of followers in a short period of time. Here are some Instagram Tools that provides Organic Instagram Likes.


Likegrowers is one of the best and leading Instagram Auto Liker which is available on the Internet. The good thing about Likegrowers is that it works with safe organic interaction that means you will get real likes no fake likes. With the help of this amazing tool, you can automate your liking process to get more organic reach.


Likesgainer is also doing the same work of getting real likes on your Instagram account. It is the best tool where you can buy organic Instagram likes on your Instagram accounts.

3- Avoid Automating Comments and Direct Messaging:

There are different bots available online which are giving you services of automating comments and direct messaging. But from my point of view, you should avoid automating comments and direct messaging as it can give your account an artificial look and when a people comment on your post then when bot gives the comment like “what a lovely photo of flowers” then people can understand in a single second that it is not a real comment. So avoid automating comments. Similar is the case with direct messaging. You cannot make strong relationships by using bots in, direct messaging.

4- Automate Unfollowing Some Accounts:

When you follow the users that are interested in your account, then you see that people whether they follow you in some days. If they don’t follow you back then there are certain automation tools to unfollow them. There are 20 to 35 % of the people that follow you back. But this percentage varies depending on the strategy that you are using in your posts to attract the followers towards your account. Also, you can use filters in your posts so that people got engaged with your posts. You have to manually follow 1000 users in a week so that you can make the active niche because follow /unfollow method without automation does not work to get more followers on Instagram.

5- Create Quality Content in Your Posts:

When you are automating your account then you definitely have plenty of time to create quality content for your account. The quality content gets the attractions of the spectators towards your account and this is also a great way to increase the following towards your account in the long run where there are lots of your competitors.

6- Automate to Save Time- Not to Completely Avoid Work:

Automation of your Instagram account does not mean that you completely avoid your work. You should be completely up to date regarding your Instagram account. When you set up the automation bot and never look back at your Instagram account, there is a chance that you lose your followers because this is wrong that you are totally dependent on your bot and do not work yourself. You should personally make a strong relationship with your followers and bring advantageous and useful content for your customers.

Final Words:

If you use the automation tool correctly and wisely, then there is 100% chance that you can get the number of followers towards your account. You should be contented towards making the quality content for your audience rather than totally dependent on the automation tools because automation tools are made to save your time. So be original and make a healthy relationship with your audience.

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